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  • Post your property

    You can post your property on web site www (dot)indiaproperties(dot) org (dot)in by just a single click absolutely free.

  • 24*7 Customer Support

    Our sales and support tem will be available for 24*7.

  • Promotional website

    Free promotion of your property in all Promotional website and social media.


  • Customer View

    provide list of target customer

  • facility for Agent

    Free facility for agent to post their property and an opportunity to interlink with our team.

  • Incentive plans

    Attractive incentive plan for independent agents.

  • +91 9935608347, 7752973745

Now buy or Sell property by just a phone Call

  • Propshop is an initiative of our chairperson Mr. Avinash and promotes real estate companies PAN India. It is an E-commerce real estate portal.

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